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My latest EP, Inside My Mind, is out now and it’s time for you to stop what you’re doing and give it a spin.

Trust me, you won’t regret it. I want to hear what you think of it, so don’t be shy to share your thoughts and feedback.

It’s time to show the world what I’m made of and I need your support to make it happen. So what are you waiting for? Click the link below to stream the EP on all major platforms and let’s make this a hit!


New EP "Inside MY Mind"

The album "Inise My Mind" contains remixed songs from last year, a few new songs, and a few new versions of songs.

The new Album "Inside My Mind" is out on April 10

The album "Inise My Mind" contains remixed songs from last year, a few new songs, and a few new versions of songs.

Inside my Mind

The Thinker Paintig

Collage Graffiti Painting The Thinker by Borna Libertines.

Size: 76 cm x 102 cm | 30 in x 40 in

The work depicts a figure of a heroic-sized woman sitting on a Toilet.  She is seen leaning over, her right hand hold a thigh her right leg.

The pose is one of deep thought and contemplation.

The pose that resembles the famous sculpture by Rodin.

The figure is used as an image to represent philosophy.

Your painting, “The Thinker,” is a fascinating blend of street art and symbolism. The collage based on street posters adds an urban and dynamic quality. The juxtaposition of a graffiti woman on a toilet with a thoughtful pose reminiscent of Rodin’s “The Thinker” is intriguing. The incorporation of deep thought and contemplation in the figure suggests a connection between mundane moments and philosophical reflection. It’s a thought-provoking piece that plays with contrasts and challenges traditional notions of representation.

New EP Single "A Darkness"

"A Darkness"

Look into your heart do you see a darkness, deep in your heart darkness, black

New EP Single

Tengo lo Que tengo

Tengo Lo Que Tengo



Tengo Miedo
de Mostarlo

Collage Paintings

Collage Painting for Album Memory Leak

New York's Burning Remix Video

Video is made by several small video pieces in Lower East Side - New York City at COVID time .

It shows waste emptiness in the city and the beauty of graffiti art at closed stores.

Memory Leak 

New Album Memory Leak January 25 2023, album contains 9 song and remixes

Memory Leak

New York’s Burning Remix

Planet Earth Remix

Some Days I am Waking Up

The Universe Stop

Traffic Light Bully 

Elephant Remix 

New York’s burning Instrumental remix

The Universe Stop Instrumental 

Borna Libertines Stand Pipe
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