Borna Libertines Art

Borna Libertines is an artist who creates mixed-media collages by reconstituting torn-up snatches of popular artifacts, some of which depict advertisements. His compositions feature text, pure blocks of color, commercial imagery, and graffiti placement, all remixed to convey humor, eroticism, and sociopolitical critique. 

Borna builds posters in which one has been placed over another or others, and the top poster or posters have been ripped, revealing to a greater or lesser degree the poster or posters underneath. 

This radical re-appropriation of an otherwise ordinary material enables him to capture the spirit of the times and the image of a society driven by communication which expresses itself above all through its obsession with current affairs and the omnipresence of the media. His art brings the streetscape into the space.


Urban Reosion Artist Statment

Urban erosion is a natural phenomenon where materials in urban areas are gradually removed or dissolved by natural forces like rain, wind, and sun. 

This phenomenon has inspired my artistic exploration as I see the remnants of urban erosion as raw materials that hold historical and cultural significance.

Instead of viewing erosion as decay or loss, I use the eroded material as a palette to create art that tells a story about the place and its history. 

Urban erosion is more than just a physical change in the environment; it's about the layers of history embedded in a place. 

As humans, we interact with these spaces, leaving our marks and memories. 

My art engages with this interplay between past and present. I aim to reveal hidden layers and uncover memories, both positive and negative, that add depth to my work. 

I believe that through my art, I can invite viewers to confront their memories and experiences, just as erosion exposes hidden layers. 

My focus on transformation is evident in my art. 

Whether it's the transformation of materials or the transformation of perception, I aim to challenge viewers' perspectives and encourage them to see life through a different lens. 

By using the remnants of urban erosion as my primary medium, I create art that invites people to reconsider what they thought they knew about a place. 

My art serves as a lens through which viewers can see the world differently, and I hope to encourage them to embrace transformation and growth.